Founder & Creative Director

A little about me.  Love to travel....I love beaches (Sun and Sand). Traveling, dancing, water sports just to name a few. Curb appeal is important to me.

The me and the why I do what I do is the love for people.

I am a happy human being and love to see other people happy.

I love seafood...but it doesn't love me. Same for sweets.  But I manage to partake of some.  I am a Cab Wine drinker on occasions.

How about you?

hello, I'm Marie


Maie Duncan

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sweet hilton-stl

home sweet home

some of my fav

baby shower love

square laser cut

lace and bling

I've met clients that prior to working with Ree-Dun Imagination, found themselves frustrated with all of the well-meaning suggestions from friends and family on what to do, but it's not exactly what they want.

My goal is to provide a calm and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the planning process and your Event.

Ultimately you describe what you want. We take care of all details, leave nothing for chance, and bring your vision to life.

Marie Duncan
Founder & Creative Director

I believe as you do, that a beautiful well thought-out event does not happen by chance marriage is greater than the wedding day

ree-dun imagination's Philosophy